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Beach House – Fisherman House

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Coming to Croatia and wishing to enjoy land and sea? We are proud to present a Luxury house with her own beach for the yacht.

The story begins in 19th century, when the residents of Brac Island decided to make an olive oil production facility in the Mutnik cove. Today, the tiny factory has been transformed into a first-class accommodation for tourists, named Beach House-Fisherman House.

Guests are awoken every day with sounds of Adriatic waves. They only have to cloth their swimming suit, make a few steps through front yard and be embraced by refreshing sea. The owner of this large estate, which numbers about 100 square meters in size, worked very hard to achieve its present looks. “The last renovation was seven years ago, and it really brought the beach house-fisherman house to modern design,” he explains, proudly showing us the large outdoors surrounding the accommodation.


Today, we can provide hospitality up to five guests which can enjoy modern kitchen, dining room with fireplace, living room, two sleeping and two bathing rooms. Wood and stone were the most common materials used during renovation, and the floors are decorated with old-fashioned tiles. The furniture consists of traditional and modern assets.

The beach house-fisherman house comes with some rather inventive unique features.  The windows feature small benches, built from the machinery used in olive oil production. The large stone which was used to crush the olives is now used as a table in the yard.


But the estate is not the only reason which attracts the interested visitors. Mutnik Cove has been well-known for its secluded landscape and crisp cleanness of its water. It is a great destination for families with children, but also people who’d like to spend their summer stay in calm and peaceful settings.  By all means, it is a spot which will certainly gain a lot of renown in the future years.


Visit Beach House- Fisherman House official Facebook Wall here, and arrange your stay on the shores of beautiful Brac Island. In addition, check out our photo gallery of the estate below.

write:, Sinke

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