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18 02, 2021

What is a Preference list?


Because we want to provide you with a stylish travel and unforgettable experience on board of our luxury yachts, we have taken the time to create this custom preference list, with attention to detail and a sophisticated service that

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19 05, 2019

When can I get in touch with the skipper?


You can get in touch with the skipper as soon as you’ve completed your booking. Our skippers are highly qualified and knowledgeable about their locality. They all speak English. The skipper is to be payed in the marina at

When can I get in touch with the skipper?2021-02-18T03:00:47+01:00
18 05, 2019

What is Advance Provisioning Allowance – APA


When chartering a crewed yacht under MYBA terms or special Europe Yacht Charter terms on the fully crewed yachts, you will be required to make a deposit in advance of the charter, which is separate to the charter or

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