12 Reasons Why Hvar Should Be Your Top Sailing Destination

12 Reasons Why Hvar Should Be Your Top Sailing Destination

The island of Hvar in the Croatian Dalmatian region is known as the queen of the islands. Since antiquity, it has been well-known for a variety of reasons, including the significance of its geographical and maritime location, the wealth of its many historical eras, the cultural and natural marvels it contains, and its literary legacy.

Hvar is visited by a large number of tourists, scientists, and travelers on account of its temperate temperature, which results in warm winters and pleasant summers. These visitors are drawn to the thick Mediterranean landscape, rich heritage and architecture, and vibrant nightlife of the island.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 9

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 9

Traditions and relics of the past

The wondrous island of Hvar has been occupied by humans since prehistoric times; nevertheless, it was the ancient Greeks who built their first colony on the island in the 4th century BC in the town of Stari Grad, which led to the growth and development of the island into what it is today. They couldn’t find another island in Croatia with such a sizable tract of arable land, so they decided to make this their permanent home.

Hvar did not become a town until the time of the Venetians, when they relocated the capital to its present-day site in the stunningly magnificent bay of Hvar.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 1

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 1

The Square and Cathedral of St. Stephen

Pjaca is the name of the town plaza that serves as the focal point of Hvar Town. Pjaca is the largest square in all of Dalmatia, measuring 4,500 square meters. The town square transforms into the focal point of activity in the summer, when all of the restaurants and cafes in the area are packed to capacity. However, after the peak tourist season has passed, the square takes on a significantly more relaxed atmosphere as residents enjoy their coffee in peace.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is located on a hill that provides a view of St. Stephen’s Square. The oldest church on the site was constructed in the 6th century, and in the 13th century, when Hvar Town took the Bishopric from Stari Grad, the church was elevated to the rank of a cathedral. The Cathedral as we know it now wasn’t finished being built until the 18th century, therefore the sporadic building throughout that time period resulted in a variety of architectural styles. On the outside, you’ll find architectural styles such as Gothic and Romanesque, and on the interior, you’ll find eleven Baroque altars constructed by artisans from Venice. These altars span several time periods and styles.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 4

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 4

Stari grad

The town of Stari grad was the island’s capital in the past and is widely regarded as one of the most interesting and picturesque settlements along the Croatian coast. In 384 BC, Ancient Greeks laid the groundwork for what is now known as Old Town.

You will fall in love with Stari Grad if you have a passion for both history and agriculture. Stari Grad is home to the most impressive UNESCO-protected part of the Stari Grad Plan, which is the largest cultivated field on the Adriatic and has seen uninterrupted cultivation of olives and grapes for the past 24 centuries. Because many of the town’s eateries are open throughout the year and provide some of the best cuisine on Hvar, Stari Grad has emerged as one of the most alluring places to visit outside of the high season.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 5

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 5

Grapčeva Cave

The Grapeva cave is the most important prehistoric site in the Adriatic, and it can be found on the island of Hvar in the southern portion of the island. The cave yielded artifacts from a culture that existed about the year 4 B.C., and these artifacts demonstrate that the prehistoric cave dwellers were familiar with the polychrome pottery that originated in the Ionian and Aegean Seas. It is fascinating that the shards of a single piece of pottery containing the earliest known picture of a boat in Europe were found exactly here in this cave. The cavern features an abundance of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as a huge hall, a smaller hall, and several branching that are more difficult to access.

From Jelsa, you may go to the cave that is located 239 meters above sea level by going past the Greek fort Tor. Alternatively, you can get there from Gromin Dolac on the southern side of the island by going through the Virak cove. Nevertheless, traveling by automobile from Jelsa to Humac and then following the field path to the cave is the most straightforward route to go.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 13

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 13


Because the island has mild winters, pleasant summers, and many hours of sunshine, swimming is possible on the island from May until November, and for those who are really daring, even later. The mild and wet winters that Hvar experiences (the month of January has an average temperature of 8.4 degrees Celsius) offer several benefits, one of which is that they make winter tourism possible in Hvar.

During the winter, there are days when it is windy (known as jugo), days when it is windy (known as bura), and there are days when it rains; nevertheless, snow only falls once every 20 years. In point of fact, if it snows in Hvar, certain hotels will let you stay for free!

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States was 37 degrees Celsius in 1935; nevertheless, maximum temperatures have never been so high as to make cultivation unfeasible.

The air temperature throughout the year is around 16.5 degrees Celsius on average; nevertheless, autumns are warmer than springs, which helps to extend the growth time. As a result of this, the flora on the island of Hvar is dense and typical of the Mediterranean region, with a great deal of eterical plant life. In an area no more than a few square meters in size, it is not unusual to find more than twenty different species of plants.

Climate in the island of Hvar

On Hvar, the yearly average number of cloudy hours per day is 3.8, while the number of sunny hours is 7.7. (By contrast, Dubrovnik has 7.0 hours of sunshine and 4.4 hours of cloudy skies, whereas Nice in the south of France has 7.2 hours of sunshine and 4.2 hours of cloudy skies). Early on in the 19th century, the term “Adriatic Madeira” was coined as a result of a widespread notion that people living in sunny areas have improved physical and mental health. It boasts as many as 2,715 hours of sunlight each year, which is the most on the Adriatic coast, and the temperature hardly varies by a few degrees throughout the year. The “Hygienic Society” was established in 1868, and the first health hotel opened its doors in 1889. In 1965, the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences established the Center for Allergies.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 11

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 11


The beaches on the island of Hvar are some of the most breathtaking and well-known in all of Croatia. The steep shore of the well-known vacation island is dotted with stunning coves that come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The beaches in the south and south-west regions of the island are some of the most breathtaking on the island. The majority of the beaches are composed of pebble and are encircled by pine woods that provide an aromatic scent. On the other hand, a genuinely one-of-a-kind sandy beach may be found on the island that lies next door. But where exactly on Hvar are the nicest beaches, what are the names of the hidden bays, and what are the best ways to get away from it all?

This travel guide will provide you with the definitive list of the top 12 most beautiful beaches in Hvar, along with travel suggestions and accompanying photographs. On the off chance that you’re interested, we’ll let you in on some of Hvar Island’s best-kept secrets, including its most remote beaches, bays, and accommodations.

Dubovica Beach

Beach Dubovica is best described as a bay that seems like it was taken straight out of a vacation brochure in terms of its stunning beauty and one-of-a-kind character. The only way to get to this dream beach from the major road that leads to Hvar is through a somewhat steep walk; thus, it is best to wear shoes that have closed toes. However, it is true that the relatively short climb is well worth the exertion since this natural treasure is unquestionably one of the top beaches on the island and most likely one of the most stunning beaches in Croatia. The water is incredibly pure here, and the beach bar and lovely stone house both contribute to the one-of-a-kind ambiance that can be found here.

Beach Pokonji dol

One of the most well-known beaches on the vacation island, Pokonji Dol can be found in close proximity to Hvar Town and is often considered to be among the nicest beaches on the island. This beach is particularly unique because of the enchanting sea hues, the pure water, and the stunning view of the church island that is located offshore. Even though the beach can get somewhat crowded during the summer months, this location is nonetheless beautiful and should be on your itinerary if you want to spend your vacation in Hvar Town.

The Apartments by the sea Hvar are a beautiful place to stay directly on the beach and are only a 15-minute walk from the Old Town of Hvar. If you wish to stay in the Pokonji Dol area, we can recommend staying at this accommodation.

Beach Skala (Sveta Nedjelja)

One of the beaches on Hvar that has gained the most notoriety is the Skala Beach, which is located in Sveta Nedjelja. It is one of the ultimate greatest beaches on Hvar Island because to the remarkable rock that sits in the middle of the bay as well as the wonderfully lovely hues of the water. Swimming and snorkeling are highly recommended activities since the water is so transparent. The Skala beach is extremely well-liked among families with young children. This is mostly attributable to the beach’s lovely fine gravel as well as its gradual slope. A vacation on Hvar wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this beautiful harbor, which is also home to one of the island’s top beaches.

On the island of Hvar, spending your vacation at the Sveta Nedjelja region is highly recommended. We are happy to propose the brand-new apartments known as “Apartments Toro” to anybody interested in vacationing in the area right near this ideal beach.

Beach Prapatna

The breathtaking Beach Prapatna can be found in the north of the island, not too far from the charming port town of Jelsa. It is one of the very top choices for a fantastic relaxing break on Hvar and can be found in close proximity to both of these locations. You may go swimming in the water is so clear here, and the beach is so peaceful that you can just sit back and relax. Beach Prapatna is the ideal location for unwinding since it is removed from the commotion of the surrounding area. This gorgeous hidden cove is one of the most attractive beaches on the island of Hvar, thanks to the charming stone buildings and the quaint church that can be found here.

A little known fact about the island is that the Apartment House Elena is one of the most highly recommended places to stay there. From this vantage point, you may take in the breathtaking scenery of the idyllic bay.

Jagodna Beach

The beach known as Jagodna, which can be found in the southern part of Hvar, is likewise breathtakingly gorgeous. This bay is not very large, yet it is an absolutely stunning location for swimming and snorkeling. Nudists frequent the neighboring bay, which can only be reached by wading into the sea, as it is the sole entry point to the area. There is a campground just a short distance above the Jagodna beach, which means that it may get rather busy, particularly during the summer season. Regardless, many people consider this beach to be one of the most beautiful spots to swim on Hvar.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 8

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 8

Malo Zarace Beach

The beach at Malo Zarace is certainly one of the most well-known beaches on the island, and as a result, it is considered to be one of the best places to take photos for Instagram. You will find a spectacular rock, a breathtaking beach, and the colors of the water that are almost too lovely to be real when you come to this location. Even though the location of this one-of-a-kind beach is no longer a well guarded secret, it is nevertheless highly recommended as one of the greatest beaches in Hvar. During the shoulder seasons, you frequently have this hidden gem all to yourself.

Beach Zucica

A second true fantasy beach is the secret beach Zucica, which is located in a tiny bay and can only be reached by traveling over a dirt road. This haven is still one of the minor secret beaches of Hvar, and those who wish to be away from the rush and bustle are encouraged to pay it a visit. A truly gorgeous beach that is located close to the little village of Zavala and is ideal for spending a few peaceful hours on Hvar.

Ivan Dolac Beach

Ivan Dolac, which is also the name of the coastal resort on Hvar Island, is home to not only one of the most stunning beaches in the entire region of Hvar, but it is also a genuine insider tip for anybody planning a trip to the beach. This picturesque cove can be found on the southern coast, and it has a sight that seems like it was ripped straight out of a tourist magazine. The fine, light pebble beach is a favorite among guests since it features a sea that seems like something out of a dream and water that is perfectly transparent. Additionally wonderful are the charming restaurants and beach bars that make you want to stay for a while.

A helpful hint for those looking for a place to stay in Ivan Dolac is to check out the Apartments Bala. These apartments feature a great view and excellent rooms.

Maslenica Beach

Maslenica Beach is located in a stunning bay close to Vrboska, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest beaches in the region’s northernmost area. This gorgeous pebble beach is encircled on all sides by thick pine woods, which provide more than enough shelter on sunny days throughout the summer. The numerous shades of turquoise blue in the water are very stunning, and they help to give this secluded and very calm dream beach its one-of-a-kind character. You will need to bring your own food because there are neither pubs nor eateries on the beach.

A helpful hint: Vrboska is a great site to start exploring the rest of the island. We strongly suggest that you stay at the Apartment Amula, which has a breathtaking panorama of the picturesque harbor town.

The Beach at Mekicevica

Pokonji dol beach is the starting point for the journey to the hidden beach Mekicevica, which is one of the hidden jewels of Hvar and can only be accessed by foot after a 20-minute walk. This scenic bay captivates visitors with its strikingly gorgeous marine hues and its one-of-a-kind background. In contrast to the beach that is immediately adjacent to this one, known as Pokonji Dol, everything here is still quite quiet and private. You may add a little something special to your trip by going to the restaurant “Robinson,” which has a fantastic atmosphere and is waiting for you there. Mekicevica Beach is considered by many locals and visitors alike to be one of Hvar’s most beautiful beaches.

The beach at Gromin Dolac

Gromin Dolac Beach is considered to be one of the hidden beaches on the island of Hvar. This secluded and alluring cove is only accessible through a gravel road; as a result, this natural gem is likely to retain its secluded character for some time to come. This one-of-a-kind spot is a genuine show-stopper and, in the opinion of many visitors to Hvar, is up there with the very best of the island’s beaches. Also, we were taken aback by all of the beauty, and as a result, the beach Gromin Dolac is now our top pick for the most beautiful beach on the island of Hvar.

A word of advice: the Cast-Away Eco Village is the perfect place to go if you enjoy spending time alone and unwinding. An unforgettable vacation experience, you will spend the night in tents right close to the beach at this location. You will be surrounded by nothing but nature.

Beach Palmizana (Pakleni Islands)

In the event that you simply cannot get enough of stunning shorelines, you always have the option of taking a boat journey to the Pakleni Islands, often known as the Hell’s Islands. About 20 individual islands make up this archipelago, and one of the most beautiful beaches in the area is called Palmizana. It is one of the few sandy beaches in the general vicinity of the island of Hvar. You may take a taxi boat from the town of Hvar to the island of Klement, which is where the stunning bay sits, and pay 70 kuna for the privilege. Borrowing a small boat in Hvar Town and setting off on your own to see the surrounding islands is yet another possibility.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 12

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 12

The Red rocks are a beautiful piece of artwork

Right after the coves of Dubovica and Piena, you will locate Crvene stijene if you are sailing in the direction of St. Nedjelja from Hvar with your yacht or catamaran. This is something to keep in mind while you are planning your itinerary (Red rocks). The red rocks are a beautiful example of one of nature’s works of art, and they certainly have the appearance of a setting that could only be seen in a Hollywood movie or a fairy tale. You will cruise through stunning vertically disintegrating reddish cliffs that are merging with the ocean and generating gorgeous beauty that the natural power of the sea and rain has made on the layers of limestone. This landscape was formed by the natural forces of the sea and rain. Take a look at this picture; it will show you a little portion of what red rocks are actually like in their natural state.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 2

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 2

Pakleni Islands

The most useful piece of guidance that we are able to provide for you is to secure your boat in the Palmana Marina, which is located on the island of Saint Klement. A tour that takes you around the Pakleni Islands will not only provide you with a stunning panorama to take in, but it will also take you to some of the most beautiful beaches and restaurants in the region. You’ll quickly understand why we recommend the ACI marina when you consider that it is only a few minutes away on foot from four restaurants, a cocktail bar, scuba diving, and an art gallery.

On the Pakleni Islands, there is something for everyone: nudists may enjoy the freedom of Jerolim, while aficionados of lighthouses will be drawn to the gorgeous Pokojni Dol islet. Both of these arelets are located in the Pakleni archipelago. You may go scuba diving near Vodnjak, the island that the Mayor wanted to rename Facebook, or you can eat on Galenik, an ancient artillery fort that has been converted into an eco-island.

You may have a good time at the most famous Carpe Diem Beach Club, which is located in Stipanska, if you are someone who enjoys the night life and wants to have some fun.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 7

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 7

Both the food and the wine

The gastronomic offer of the island of Hvar will be an exquisite treat for those of you sailors who consider yourself to be true gourmets. As the sun begins to set, the island awakens from its slumber. Food and drink are available into the wee hours of the morning at most restaurants and taverns.

We highly recommend that you eat at seafood restaurants that use only the most recent catches from the abundant waters of the Adriatic and serve them with an exceptional variety of vegetables that are grown in the surrounding area. Are you looking for a dinner that is representative of Hvar? Then Greagada is the best option for you to consider. It’s a fish stew made with potatoes, parsley, onions, garlic, capers, and salted anchovies, and it’s simmered in white wine.

Meat eaters will also delight in the selection, since there are a great many restaurants from which to pick and the quality of the meat, from lamb roasted on a spit to the world-famous peka dish, is exceptional (under the bell).

All of this is followed by a selection of the best wines produced in the area. An excursion to Hvar’s premier wineries ought to be at the very top of the to-do list of any wine enthusiast who visits the island. Why? The winemaking sector on the island of Hvar is experiencing something of a rebirth and is garnering increased interest on a global scale. The Plavac Mali grape variety produces the world’s most famous wine, which is a red and is linked to Zinfandel.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 10

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 10


On this lush region, Hvar’s residents continue to cultivate their grapes, olives, and various vegetables. Lavender, on the other hand, is the most successful crop, and it is currently what the island is most famous for. The most common and well-known application is the use of lavender oil as a sedative and pain reliever. We discovered one ice cream seller that sold lavender-flavored gelato; this taste was less common but more fascinating to us. You will be able to see the antique trimmings and dry-walls at this location. Shelters for farmers that were made of stone without using any cement have been preserved in their original state. In addition to this, a flawless representation of the ancient geometrical method of land partition known as chora is shown.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 3

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 3


The coastal towns of the island of Hvar are not the only fascinating portions of the island; other important areas of the island are the extremely different villages that have retained the traditional way of life of the Dalmatians till now.

You will have an abundance of options from which to pick and select. The eerily lovely and long-abandoned stone settlements of Humac and Malo Grablje come highly recommended by us. The village of Humac is known for its well-preserved stone homes, which are now regarded as an important example of rural architecture. In a community, there is just one pub, and the only time of year it is open is during the summer.

If you go up into the hills, you will find the enchanted town of Pitve, which dates back some 2,000 years, the vineyards of Svire, and the village of Vrisnik, which is covered in heather. After traveling through the Pitve tunnel, you will arrive in the coastal areas of Sveta Nedjelja, Ivan Dolac, and Zavala, where you will see vineyards and beaches. In addition, the seaside resorts of Milna and Basina should not be missed.

The festival of lavender in Velo Grablje and the dormouse festival in Dol are two examples of how time-honored customs are brought back to vibrant life. Do you long for a more tranquil atmosphere? Pay a visit to Rudina or continue further east to see the adjacent bays of the uninhabited settlements that stretch from Poljica to Bogomolje.

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 6

Hvar Top Sailing Destination Europe Yachts 6

Activities of a Physical Nature

You have been told about Hvar as a famous destination that is known for its fantastic beaches, good nightlife, and a lovely climate; nevertheless, the variety of activities that are accessible on the island are not well-known to many people and are unknown to many people.

We have some exciting news for all of you sports and adrenaline addicts out there: Hvar is a fantastic place for adventure enthusiasts. On the island of Hvar, there is a wide variety of opportunities to engage in adrenaline-pumping activities, such as rock climbing, scuba diving, paddling a kayak through the Pakleni Islands, or going sailing. There is the opportunity to take part in the Hvar Half Marathon, as well as swim the 16-kilometer Faros Marathon, ride the highways of the island, or go hiking in the highlands.

Yoga, wine tours, off-road safaris, and art workshops are among activities that may appeal to those who prefer a calmer vacation experience.

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