Chartering with a Skipper | 10 Surprising Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Chartering with a Skipper | 10 Surprising Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Find Out More Information Regarding a Yacht Charter with a Skipper

Chartering a Yacht with an Experienced Skipper It may come as a surprise to learn that yacht charters that include a skipper are not only quite common (and continuing to grow in popularity), but also very simple and come highly recommended. They will know how to get the most out of your boat, they will be experts in the sailing and cruising region, and the greatest thing will be that they will be fantastic company (or unobtrusively “reading the room,” or better reading the “saloon,” well if you like.)

At first, it may appear to be rather intimidating since you are investing such a large amount of trust in this individual, but you will have very limited access to them before your charter, and there is a solid reason for this. Due to the fact that the Skipper will have consecutive charters, he will often only get a few hours of downtime on a Friday night before having to start the process all over again on Saturday afternoon. They will need to do all that we spaced out over the course of a week in this little amount of time. This adds to the anxiousness of the charterer, who is eager to find out who has been chosen for their charter and what the strategy is.

If the charter operator were to provide passengers access to the skippers who would be working on future charters, those skippers’ performance toward the guests they are currently serving would suffer. It would be a strain to answer emails and negotiate routes for forthcoming charters in the next four or five weeks. These charters are coming up soon.

In the end, having a skipper on a yacht charter comes down to trust: trust between the operator and the man they have chosen to represent their firm on the water. Because of this, ineffective skippers are eventually eliminated from the community because it is quite tiny and ineffective skippers do not stay very long. (There are a few glaring exceptions, which we shall discuss in more detail later.)

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 1

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 1

Where are we Going to Go? When will we find out who is going to be our Skipper?

A good number of charter clients will, out of natural worry, want to know where they are going and will inquire about making reservations at restaurants and other important sites along the route. This is our attempt to help those who are hiring a skipper for a yacht charter for the first time realize why all that you could expect might not materialize. Both Operators and Agents are anxious to surpass your expectations, and this is our attempt to aid those individuals.

Could you please send me the Skipper’s Resume as well as their Contact Information?

When you book a high-end charter, also known as a Crewed Charter (opens in a new tab), the crew members who work on the yacht full-time will send you their resumes and CVs before you make the reservation. When it comes to skippered charters, when the boat and skipper are booked separately, skippers more commonly come from a pool, and for operational reasons, they might only be given with short notice. This isn’t always the case; some smaller organizations may dedicate resources months or even years in advance, with very few exceptions.

Is it possible for the Skipper and I to go through our Plans ahead of time?

The response to this question might give the impression that it is controversial, but in reality, it is not. Your agent, together with the assistance of your operator, is in the best position to respond to that question. The skipper is not always in the best position to do so. There is a good chance that the operator does not know who your skipper is, or that they have left themselves the flexibility to rearrange passengers at the very last minute. When compared to Crewed Charters, this is factored into the pricing.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 2

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 2

On a skippered charter, why is the itinerary never subject to change?

On many yacht charters that include a skipper, the trip will run precisely as planned and will have a striking resemblance to the schedule that was published by the charter operator and agency. In other circumstances, it may be drastically different once the captain has had the opportunity to speak with you and explain the many choices that are at your disposal.

On top of that, things like as the weather, sail weeks (groups of yachts sailing together to party), which may change gorgeous settings into loud music all evening, might imply a tweak to the itinerary without losing out on a highlight. Sail weeks are when groups of yachts sail together to party.

To give just one example (there are many), going in the direction wind has been blowing from for a few days can make the sea uncomfortable. However, by the end of the week, everything will have settled down, and your skipper will be an expert at making you as comfortable as is humanly possible. In other words, they won’t know where you will travel in great detail; all they will have is a general idea, which is something that is generally included in sailing plans for the area.

Why is it that when we book a yacht charter that includes a skipper, we don’t get open access to them in advance?

After shelling out what is likely to be a sizeable sum of money for the assistance of a person who will play such an important role in your sailing vacation, it is only natural that you will be curious to learn as much as you can about that individual. The most of your questions about why that might not occur have been answered above: In the end, having a series of email interactions with the operator will not bring you much farther along. It is quite doubtful that you will discover any character faults that the operator is not already aware of. In the event that you have a request such as renting a yacht with a captain who is:

  • Friendly and patient with kids
  • Enjoys becoming a teacher.
  • The can fish
  • is a pleasant companion.
  • Is inconspicuous in times when it is not required.

When it comes to Yacht Charter with a Skipper – all of these factors will be taken into consideration by your operator.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 3

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 3

10 Astonishing Facts You Absolutely Ought to Be Aware Of

Please take some time to go over our list of the startling 10 things you should know before chartering a boat with a captain. If this is your first time doing something like this, then some of the information will be entertaining, and some of it will be necessary knowledge.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 4

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 4

Chartering a Boat with a Captain

A yacht may be chartered by virtually anyone. There is no requirement for prior expertise, and chartering with a skipper is the most cost-effective and reasonable option. This is not to imply that if you have previous sailing expertise or even the capacity to pay for a skipper, you won’t still consider doing so even after reading this. Many of those who employ chauffeurs are really capable of driving, but they do so because they want to make the most of their time away or even learn from someone who has more expertise. It’s very uncommon for a skipper to be skilled in a wide variety of other areas as well, like interpreting, being a local guide, and even cooking and fishing, if you’re lucky.

The transaction of chartering with a Skipper is very basic; nonetheless, there are a few things that you will need to know in order to be prepared. In addition to this, we strongly suggest that you check out our blog post on “What is a Skippered Charter?” (new window).

Before you go ahead and engage a skipper or captain for a trip, there are ten things you really need to be aware of, which we have compiled with the help of our many years of expertise.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through all you need to know about yacht chartering with a captain and provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

1. What is the definition of a Skipper?
2. What is the cost of hiring a Skipper?
3. On a boat hire, what will the Skipper NOT DO?
4. What would your Skipper DO ON A YACHT CRUISE?
5. Who is the Skipper’s true employer?
6. Who feeds a charter captain?
7. How much does a yacht charter captain earn?
8. On a boat hire, how much do you tip your skipper?
9. How qualified are Skipper’s?
10. What is the process for becoming a Skipper?

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 5

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 5

The role of a Skipper on a yacht

Let’s begin with the most basic definition possible:

The word is used all across the world, but it is most common in European countries and the United Kingdom in particular. The term “captain,” although in British English is reserved for bigger yachts, is sometimes used interchangeably with “master” in the United States and in the Far East. It is quite rare that anyone will misunderstand you or even point out an error if you utilize one of these two options.

In essence, it refers to the person who is the most senior on board and in command of the vessel. This individual is obligated to fulfill a number of relatively important responsibilities in accordance with the local laws and the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (COLREGS). Provided they are in international seas, they may even be able to perform legally recognized wedding ceremonies if the conditions are right.

Understanding exactly what a skipper’s or captain’s obligations are when chartering a boat with one is important because, in the end, you will be required to legally accept the decisions that they make while the boat is in motion.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 6

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 6

What Is the Average Price Range for a Charter with a Skipper?

Chartering a boat with a captain. You have determined that you require or desire to go chartering with a skipper; the next question is how much it will cost to hire one.

Price. In 2022, the daily rate of €190 (or $200) was the most common and normal price for chartering a boat with a captain. Even though the rates that are advertised are per day, it may be difficult to charter a boat for anything less than a week at peak seasons because the majority of skippers are looking for full-time work. Assisted Sailing is an exception to this rule.

Sailing with Assistance When you choose this option, a skipper will sail with you for a certain number of days at the beginning of your charter. It is especially helpful if you haven’t sailed in a while, if you are a novice sailor, or if you are sailing a larger boat than you are accustomed to.

What is the going rate for the rental of a yacht? If you are interested in putting all of the puzzle pieces together, we strongly suggest that you check out our blog post titled “How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Yacht”.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 7

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 7

Who Is Actually Responsible for Hiring the Skipper?

Introduction. When you’re chartering a boat with a skipper, this piece of information may seem like an unusual thing to need to know. However, it is important to be aware of this fact because it may not be exactly what you were anticipating at all.

Charter with a Crew. When you charter a boat that has a permanent crew, the crew members are usually always paid a salary or given owneyacht of the boat. If they are employees, then they will have contracts with the company that operates the crewed yacht charters. They are very frequently a married couple who share a cabin, which enables the space within the cabin to be utilized to its full potential by guests.

Skippered Charter. You are, in essence, adding a skipper to a Bareboat Charter, similar to how you might add a driver to a rental car, if you hire your skipper separately, which is commonly referred to as a Skippered Charter. If you hire your skipper separately, it is commonly referred to as a Skippered Charter.

The Essentials Bear in mind that in order to comply with employment regulations in most countries, every member of the crew will require their own private cabin. Having said that, there are a great deal of unforeseen circumstances, therefore it is best not to make assumptions.

Position in the Workforce When you charter with a skipper in this fashion, they will almost always be working for themselves as a self-employed individual. The operator will have their own reputation to uphold and will always make an effort to collaborate with the most qualified individuals that they can locate; nevertheless, they will not always be personally accountable.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 8

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 8

On a boat hire, what are some things that the skipper will NOT do?

When chartering a boat, it is essential to have a clear idea of what to anticipate from your skipper in order to ensure a stress-free experience right from the start and to prevent any misunderstandings. It is also the issue with which it is most difficult to provide a satisfactory response. This is due to the fact that no two businesses run in precisely the same manner; in fact, it may even differ from skipper to skipper even when working for the same operator! Taking everything into consideration, this highlights how vital it is to be aware of where the boundaries lie and to have the backing of your agent. This aspect of organizing your charter is something that we here at Europe Yachts take very seriously.

The following is a list of SEVEN things that you can expect your Skipper to be unlikely to do in accordance with the terms of your agreement:

  • Pay your deposit. The majority of boats have a portion of the deposit that is non-refundable. As a charterer, you should be aware that in many situations, you are still liable to the operator, and the skipper is responsible to you. This information may come as a surprise to you. The obligation is not with the captain but rather with the charterer in the event that any harm is produced as a result of an exceptional incident, such as a surge in the sea, for which the skipper could not have normally made provisions. If the captain causes damage to the boat in some way, such as when docking, he will almost definitely pay for the repairs himself, and most boats are insured against such incidents; nonetheless, you should not take this fact for granted.
  • Cook. Ok. Therefore, there are a lot of really good skipper cooks out there, but you shouldn’t expect to find one. It is not even feasible to demand one; nevertheless, it is something that you may be able to influence with the assistance of your agent; thus, if this is something that is essential to you, make sure that it is communicated right away.
  • You can either serve drinks or meals. On the other hand, it is your responsibility to make sure he is “nourished and hydrated” at all times. This does not have to be in the same style as the food that you are eating oneself, although it is rather unusual to discriminate, but as long as you fulfill your obligation, the skipper will be more than delighted.
Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 9

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 9

  • Even if it is risky, sail. It is the skipper’s responsibility to decide whether or not to sail, regardless of the expertise level of the crew. Even if this occurs during a challenging portion of the charter, the skipper will prioritize the well-being of the crew and the vessel over any other concerns, regardless of how impractical they may seem.
  • Do the Dishes! If the skipper is making their own food, for example, they will always clean up after themselves, but otherwise, they will not carry out any other household responsibilities while they are on board. They take more practical steps, such as stowing waste, but it will be your obligation to dispose of it onshore when you get back to shore.
  • Arrival of the Late Runs The tender will be your mode of transportation onshore in order to participate in land-based activities. This is often handled by the Skipper or another member of the crew during the day. In the evening, however, once a certain time has passed, they will no longer remain up to run passengers back to the boat.
  • Provisioning. Your skipper won’t be responsible for any provisioning at all. If you want someone else to take care of this for you, you will need to look into hiring a cook or a hostess. There are several competent agents who will assist you in performing your initial provisioning remotely so that it may be delivered to you on your first day. This eliminates the need for you to visit the supermarket in your area.
  • Put in work nonstop. Throughout the duration of your charter, your skipper will put in a lot of effort and will be on duty at all times. Not always on watch in certain extreme situations, like as a night sail; see also always on watch. Although when you hire a boat with a captain, they will always be accessible for assistance and other purposes at the dock or when moored, the scope of their responsibilities is significantly reduced. The maximum number of hours that a skipper should be expected to work in a day is 8.
  • Support Prior to the Charter. Charters need a lot of work from the crew in order to guarantee that you have the greatest experience possible. On your charter, the last thing you want is for the crew to be distracted because they are fielding queries from guests of other forthcoming charters; this should be your number one priority. Because of this, the majority of operators ensure the safety of their crew by delaying the point at which they respond to your queries and provide pre-charter support until considerably closer to the day of your charter, if not the day itself.
  • Teach you how to sail the yacht. This is a peculiar occurrence. This is included on the list of things that skippers will and will not do. Although I have not yet seen a skipper who does not enjoy teaching, it is not easy to find students who are motivated to learn. When I invited enthusiastic students to learn the fundamental knots, I discovered that their enthusiasm had waned by the time I finished speaking to them. Because of this, many Skippers will avoid any kind of formal instruction that is not outlined in a curriculum.
Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 10

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 10

On a yacht hire, what exactly will your skipper be responsible for doing?

When you are chartering a boat with a captain, now that we know a few things that your host won’t do, let’s concentrate on what you may anticipate from them.

When you hire a boat with a skipper, you can anticipate the following amenities and services from us:

  • Meet & Greet. You should look for your Skipper to be there when you arrive. If you arrive early, he may still have some tasks left over from the prior customer that he has to complete before attending to you. As can be seen, there is not a lot of downtime in this game.
  • Handover/TakeOver. This will be handled on your behalf by your skipper. It is essential to stress that, in most cases, this is being done on your behalf. Because you are the one who contracted the skipper’s services, the responsibility for the skipper’s acts ultimately falls on you. You have the option of being present or putting your faith in your captain.
  • Planning. The wind, the sea, and the weather may have other plans for you, regardless of whether you are the sort of person who plans their voyage with military precision or the type of person who trusts in their captain. This is something that is very much a part of sailing, and the great majority of trips end up exceeding the client’s expectations because the skipper, having learned the client’s preferences and experience levels, is so adept at directing the client on what would work best for the crew.
  • Host. Although it is entirely your responsibility to make sure that your skipper has enough to eat, a skipper frequently makes for an excellent dinner guest both on board and ashore. However, you will discover that the majority of Skippers are the “hosts with the most” in their communities. This, of course, is very dependent on your tastes and how the connection develops. Relax and take in the tales they have to tell.
Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 11

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 11

  • Teach others how to sail. If you are following the narrative in order, you will notice that this absolutely contradicts anything I wrote in the previous section. It is possible to find teaching skippers who are not bound by a curriculum, giving the student more freedom in terms of both the itinerary and the activities (unlike t a formal course). In most cases, it will not result in a formal qualifying; but, it will be of tremendous assistance to you in the event that you wish to win in the future. In order to provide you with the most enjoyable experience possible, we at Europe Yachts go to great lengths to guarantee that the ideal skipper is paired with the ideal crew.
  • Cook. An further inconsistency! Although it is unrealistic to expect them to prepare meals for you, many of them have valuable abilities that you ought to make use of if they give them to you.
  • Tour Guide. You should anticipate that your skipper will be eager and able to assist you with that matter given how well-versed they are likely to be in the region and the language.
  • Purser. When you go on a cruise, the captain may occasionally ask you for a quantity of money to cover incidental expenses. It is a huge assistance for the crew to be able to look after you and pay for things like fuel, mooring, and other necessities without having to come to you each time. You will never fail to get a complete breakdown, and any APA that is not used will be returned to you. What exactly is the APA? Please take the time to read our detailed APA guide.
Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 12

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 12

On a skippered charter, who is responsible for providing the skipper with food?

Responsibility. The charterer has a strong responsibility to make sure that the skipper is adequately provided for in terms of provisions.

Provisioning Aboard the Vessel The manner in which you should provide for your skipper is a question of judgment, and you are free to adjust this choice in any way that you think suitable without upsetting your skipper. They will be more than content to either prepare meals for themselves using the food you have purchased for them or to consume your meals while you are out and about (this is the most common).

Bringing Provisions Ashore In this particular scenario, it is possible that the Skipper would choose to eat aboard the boat by themselves so that he or she may get some work done or attend to other concerns. If this is the case, all that is required of you is to either offer an allowance or keep certain provisions open for usage.

Summary. After everything is said and done, chartering a boat with a captain and providing them with food is not an exact science. You shouldn’t be hesitant to make your own plan as long as it includes provisions for those who need them.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 13

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 13

How Much Money Does a Skipper Make When Working on a Charter Yacht?

In most cases, skipper fees for skippered charters will be retained in their whole by the skipper. This is a touch more than the salaried guys who get paid whether they are on charter or not and who normally earn larger tips. This is because salaried guys are paid regardless of whether or not they are on charter.

Some skippers who are retained by the operators incur a loss of a percentage, often between 15 and 20% as recompense for their services.

The salary of a skipper aboard a superyacht ranges from around $5,000 to upwards of $10,000 per month depending on the size of the boat as well as the individual’s level of expertise (plus tips that tend to be bigger than on mid-range charters.)

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 14

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 14

Are Skippers Required to Have a License?

You would expect that your skipper was qualified, but because this significantly varies on where you are sailing, it is possible that they are not. Outside of the Caribbean, the answer is going to be yes in the overwhelming majority of instances. In Europe, it may be anything from a respectable qualification to an endorsement from a business entity.

At Europe Yachts Charter, we provide our customers with the peace of mind they seek by dispatching our very own commercially licensed skippers on all of their excursions. To the best of our knowledge, we do not charter with any operators who do not use qualified skippers.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 15

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 15

How Does One Obtain Their First Skipper Position?

This is a difficult issue to answer because there are a great number of recognized schemes all around the world as well as hundreds of training providers. What you want to accomplish with your certification and what doors you want to keep open for yourself in the future will have a significant impact on the answer to this question.

If you are just interested in chartering and plan to sail in the locations listed above, then you should read our blog post about the International Certificate of Competence (ICC) (New Window).

If you are interested in becoming a professional charter, flotilla, or delivery skipper, then you will discover some m, more information below that will help you achieve your goals.

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 16

Skippered Charter What Need To Know Europe Yachts Charter 16

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