Corfu Sailing Guide

Corfu Sailing Guide

Learn the ins and outs of sailing in Corfu with this comprehensive guide.

Corfu. Because of its moderate Mediterranean temperature, it is one of the greenest islands in Greece and is filled with a profusion of lush and verdant foliage, in addition to a variety of wild species. In spite of the fact that it is one of the most visited places in Greece, the island of Corfu still has many untouched natural wonders and charming little villages that are brimming with genuine character and beautiful hues.

Corfu Town is a true gem that is just waiting to be discovered; it was constructed in between two fortifications, and it is home to a wealth of wonderful Italian and French architecture, as well as Byzantine churches and squares that are overflowing with flowers.

How to get there from here. If you travel directly to the Corfu Airport, you will arrive in Corfu quickly and be able to begin your Corfu Sailing adventure right away (CFU). From the majority of the major airports in Europe, there are excellent connections. You may take a ferry from Igoumenitsa on the mainland to go to the island of Corfu.

The Environment. Even in the spring and fall, the climate in Corfu and the other islands of the Northern Ionian Sea is often warm and sunny, as is typical for the Mediterranean. With winds that may gust up to 20–30 mph, there are fantastic prospects for a good day’s sail, and we can ensure that your time spent sailing in Corfu will be an unforgettable adventure.

1. The Itinerary for Sailing from Corfu
2. The Very Best Activities
3. Best Activities
4. The Finest Restaurants in the Area

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 1

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 1

1. The Itinerary for Sailing from Corfu

Itinerary for Sailing Around Corfu

The crew has prepared for you our proposed itinerary for sailing around Corfu so that you will be ready to set sail as soon as you arrive on the island of Corfu. It is the perfect choice for our sailors who have a little more experience (Level 2) and are eager for their next adventure out in the waters of Greece.

Our sailing plan around Corfu is suitable for individuals who are searching for mile-building routes, since a total of 101.93 nautical miles will be traveled over the course of the week. This is due to the fact that the distances between the islands are slightly greater, but are still easily navigable.

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 2

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 2

2. Activities to Partake in While in Corfu

The Most Important Steps to Take Before Beginning Your Sailing Thrill Ride Around Corfu

  • Discover the history of the Old City of Corfu. Corfu’s Old Town is a knot of pedestrian streets and alleyways between Venetian and Neoclassical homes that are painted pale yellow and orange. This city is squeezed tight between two strongholds on each side of the island. Make sure you have plenty of time to explore everything, and don’t miss out on the Archaeological Museum and Casa Parlante, a bizarre estate from the 19th century with historical furnishings and animatronic figures. Both of these attractions are not to be missed.
  • Walk along the Esplanade and via Liston Park. The esplanade is a large green space that is located in between the Ancient Town and the old fortress. It is a relic from the Venetian defences that were constructed in the 17th century. At the start of the 19th century, when France occupied Corfu, trees were planted along the esplanade. The cricket pitch, on the other hand, is a relic from the British occupation that followed. An exquisite arcade that dates back to the French era and was created in the manner of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris can be seen on the western edge of the Esplanade. This arcade is known as the Liston.
  • The Palace of Achilleion Raffaele Caritto, an Italian architect, created this neoclassical mansion with the figure of the hero Achilles serving as the primary inspiration for his design. The renowned German artist Ernst Herter created a number of figures for the grounds of the museum that were influenced by Greek mythology (the most famous shows Achilles in his death throes). You are welcome to take a tour of the gardens, which are embellished with balustrades, a colonnade, fountains, and sculptures created by Herter, all of which are situated among palm trees and groomed cypress trees.
  • Beach and Monastery of Paleokastritsa in Greece The magnificent Paleokastritsa Beach may be found tucked away close to the east of the monastery. It is located at the conclusion of a lengthy inlet that has towering cliffs of granite on each side. The water is almost unimaginably tranquil and crystal transparent, making it a dream come true for snorkelers and the ideal environment for families with younger children. A tiny brotherhood of eight monks reside at the monastery. These monks are responsible for leading visitors on tours of the structures and the extensive grounds. Bougainvillea and geraniums cover almost every surface of the church, and there is a dress rule to adhere to in order to enter the chapel; your shoulders and legs must be covered in order to do so. A unique thing that may be found at the museum at the monastery is the skeleton of a whale. The museum is quite modest.
  • Pontikonisi (Mouse island) (Mouse island). A boat ride to this little island, which is home to a Byzantine monastery that dates back to the 12th century and is surrounded by pine and cypress trees, costs €2.5. After being transformed into stone by Poseidon, the ship that belonged to Ulysses is said to have become Pontokonisi in the tale. Although the island is protected, visitors are allowed to disembark and ascend the staircase to view the little monastery. The monastery features a cafe and a gift store.
Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 3

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 3

3. The Best Attractions and Activities in Corfu

The Top Corfu Attractions and Activities

  • Sailing. You may take a private boat out on the water and cruise around Corfu and the other islands in the area, as well as the coastline of western Greece. The Lagoon 42-foot catamaran is our top choice for ensuring that you have an incredible time sailing in Corfu, and we hope you will agree. You have plenty of room to move around and will feel very comfortable in what is essentially a floating hotel.
  • Snorkelling. There are a great number of fantastic places for you to investigate.
  • Paragliding. On a tandem paraglide, you and your partner may share the otherworldly experience of flying through the air above the shore of Corfu.
  • Hiking. Discovering and exploring the many kilometers of Corfiot walking pathways that go into woodland landscapes that are unaffected by mass tourism is something that awaits you on the island.
  • A sampling of wine Take a break from Corfu’s beaches and visit Theotoky Estate for a guided tour and wine tasting in the Ropa Valley, which is surrounded by hills covered with olive and grape groves.
  • SUP & Kayaking. You shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to do stand up paddleboarding and kayaking in Corfu, regardless of whether you are there for a sailing vacation or just want to hire the equipment for a day or two.
Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 4

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 4

4. The most recommended restaurants in Corfu

The Finest Eating Spots in and Around Corfu


This seafood restaurant on the northeast coast of the island is relatively understated and affordable, especially considering that people such as supermodel Kate Moss and British royalty have been known to anchor their yachts just to come here. Despite its reputation as a place for the wealthy and famous to vacation in Corfu, the restaurant maintains a low profile and caters to a wide range of budgets.

Toula, the proprietor of the restaurant, gets first dibs on the fisherman’s daily catch and handpicks a premium selection of seafood for the establishment. She serves up seafood classics with an additional helping of Corfiot flair. The emphasis is placed on providing outstanding service and supplying high-quality goods. You may look forward to a prawn linguine that is genuinely presented with a bit of a bite to it, as well as an excellent view over the azure bay that is flanked with trees and, in the distant, Albania.


This sanctuary on a cliff-backed beach in the south of the island had a full renovation in 2019, and it is comparable to a beach bar that you might expect to find on a distant island in southeast Asia, if it weren’t for the prevalence of olive wood among bamboo and banana plants. Walk down a path through the tropical vegetation until you reach a cactus-lined bar with views of the clear blue Ionian Sea. This bar offers early morning yoga and what could be the nicest breakfast you can get anywhere on the entire island.


A Corfiot institution, Klimataria is owned by Mr. Bellos, the kind of proprietor who is always on hand to recommend a dish of the day as well as to look offended when you can’t quite manage to lick your plate clean. Mr. Bellos is also the type of proprietor who will look offended when you can’t quite manage to lick your plate clean. It is unassuming and concealed amongst the inexpensive tavernas of the old fishing hamlet Benitses, which is now a tourist destination in the south of the island. It offers the kinds of foods you might expect to be served if you were welcomed into the home of a Corfiot grandmother for lunch.


Long before its stint as a bar, which luckily didn’t last long, chef and owner Yannis Vlachos had his sights set on this location, which is situated in a peaceful plaza in the heart of Corfu Town. It is possible that you might walk right past the Venetian Well, which is now considered to be one of the most exclusive dining venues on the island, if you were not looking for it specifically. This restaurant, which is hidden in the shadow of a church that was erected in the 16th century and is covered in wall-climbing plants, spills out into the charming pink plaza. Its tables are arranged in an orderly fashion around a well that was built by the invading Venetians over six centuries ago.

This restaurant’s almost impossibly charming setting, which is surrounded by the terracotta, yellow, and pink hue of the Old Town’s architecture, is reason enough to visit; nevertheless, chef Vlachos’ cuisine is just as appealing as the Venetian Well’s location. Greek tastes are refined into exquisite meals cooked from straightforward ingredients found locally to provide a gourmet perspective on some of the world’s most beloved foods.

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 5

Corfu Sailing Guide Europe Yachts Charter 5

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