Lagoon 46: A Luxurious Voyage in Croatia and Greece

Lagoon 46: A Luxurious Voyage in Croatia and Greece

Amidst the shimmering azure waters of the Mediterranean, as the sun reflects off the islands of Croatia and paints the ancient coasts of Greece, the Lagoon 46 emerges as a beacon of luxury, comfort, and nautical excellence. This gem from the Lagoon’s stable has, over the years, redefined what we understand by luxury catamaran charters. In this guide, we explore the depths of the Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter experience in Croatia and Greece.

Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter Greece 4

Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter Greece 4

1. An Introduction to Lagoon

Lagoon, a division of Groupe Beneteau, stands out in the world of catamarans with its commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and luxury. With designs that blend functionality with aesthetic brilliance, Lagoon catamarans have graced waters worldwide, offering unmatched sailing experiences.

2. Lagoon 46: The Epitome of Elegance

The Lagoon 46 effortlessly integrates the brand’s signature features with novel innovations. The catamaran’s design emphasizes optimal weight distribution, making it a beacon of balance, performance, and comfort. Its majestic hulls promise stability and speed, while its spacious interiors and deck guarantee a luxury that few can rival.

Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter Croatia 4

Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter Croatia 4

3. Key Features and Performance

Now, let’s delve deeper into some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Lagoon 46:

How much is a Lagoon 46? As of the last update in September 2021, a new Lagoon 46 would be priced from around €450,000 to €600,000. This range depends on customizations, the region, dealer specifics, and current market conditions. For the most recent pricing, consulting a dealership is advisable.

How fast is the Lagoon 46 sail? The Lagoon 46, with its streamlined design and efficient sail plan, can comfortably reach speeds between 7 to 9 knots under sail, depending on wind conditions and loading.

How fast is the 46 catamaran? While the Lagoon 46 has its specific speed ranges, a generic 46-foot catamaran’s speed can vary based on its design, weight, sail area, and prevailing conditions. Most catamarans of this size can cruise between 7 to 10 knots.

How big is the water tank on Lagoon 46? The Lagoon 46 boasts a substantial freshwater tank with a capacity of approximately 2 x 300 liters, totaling 600 liters. This ensures that charterers have ample water for their voyages across the mesmerizing coasts of Croatia and Greece.

4. Chartering in Croatia and Greece

A Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter promises unparalleled experiences in Croatia and Greece:

  • Croatia: Sail through the historical Dalmatian Coast, anchor in secluded bays, or explore the cultural treasures of Dubrovnik and Split. Croatia’s diverse coastline, sprinkled with islands, is a dream for every sailor.
  • Greece: From the historical wonder of Athens to the breathtaking islands of the Cyclades, the Lagoon 46 serves as your luxurious abode. Explore the rich histories of Mykonos, Santorini, and Rhodes, or find a secluded spot in the Ionian Sea.
Lagoon 51 Catamaran Yacht Charter Croatia 46

Lagoon 51 Catamaran Yacht Charter Croatia 46

5. Conclusion

With its blend of luxury, space, and performance, the Lagoon 46 stands as a testament to modern nautical engineering and design. For those charting a course through Croatia and Greece’s stunning landscapes and waters, the Lagoon 46 Catamaran Charter offers an experience that’s as memorable as the lands themselves. Set sail on this majestic vessel and let the winds of the Mediterranean guide you through tales of history, adventure, and luxury.

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