Place to visit: Komiza, Island Vis, Croatia

Place to visit: Komiza, Island Vis, Croatia

Komiza is an old fishing village situated on the west side of Vis island in Croatia inside deep Komiza bay, open to west winds. There is a newer road of about 10 km that connects Komiza to Vis town.
Komiza had its golden age from 1815 to 1918 when it was Austrian administration, when it turned into a real little town with all that that entails; there were even seven fish processing factories of which the „Fratelli Mardešić“ was the most famous. The big breakwater dates back to that time. In the beginning of the 20th century there were almost 4.000 inhabitants (today there are only 1.526).

Komiza Island Vis 1

Komiza Island Vis 1

After the fall of Austro-Hungarian empire in 1918 rich fishing areas around Palagruza went to Italy, which was the reason of the massive emigration to California where people stayed in the fishing business. An interesting fact is there are more Komiza native people and their descendants in San Pedro in California (about ten fold) than in Komiža itself.
Make sure to visit the fishing museum Utvrda on the main boardwalk. It is truly a time machine for fisheries and a tribute that that hard and commendable line of work.

After World War II, Vis island was turned into a military zone. Some say this continued the island’s „decline“. Silver lining is that the „reopening“ of the island in 1991 started without the massive building and hotels.

Komiza is always nice to visit, walk through its narrow streets, have coffee at the square among the locals – traditional cake bought in the family pastry shop „Cukar“ (for instance one made of corab) will go great with that coffee.

Komiza Island Vis 6

Komiza Island Vis 6


Vis has 15 beaches, each of which is equally beautiful and equally special. Whether you want to relax and enjoy yourself in peace, or are looking for a beach for a full day trip with your family and a place to eat, we suggest that you give each beach a chance!

On the eastern coast of Komiža bay there are many pebble beaches with springs of drinking water: Nova pošta, Velo žalo, Pizdica, Kamenice i Gusarica…

What to do in KOMIZA?

Countless possibilities for activity can be discerned in the nature with which Vis is inextricably linked. Our tourist agencies and private transporters organize full-day excursions on the island of Vis, and other islands nearby.

Lovers of adventure can enjoy diving, caving and paragliding, and there is also a growing interest for military tours.

The interior of the island is rich in wine roads, and you can also enroll into a horse-riding school, which is there for all those who want to learn to ride or just enjoy the company of these noble animals and beautiful nature.

Komiza Island Vis 5

Komiza Island Vis 5

Where to eat in KOMIZA?

Mediterranean cuisine is proved to be one of the healthiest diets in the world, and on Vis, we perfected its specialties and gastronomic hedonism enjoyed with all the senses.

On the Riva in Komiža there are numerous bars and restaurants where you can refresh yourself and taste homemade culinary specialties. Rural households are an inevitable part of the gastronomic offer in which even the pickiest gourmets will enjoy themselves.

From traditional Komiža’s johnnycake to fresh fish and vegetables, a wide range of gastronomical offer and quality restaurants will delight you. Leave some room for dessert!

Where is Komiza?

The town of Komiza is located in the deep bay of Komiza, on the western tip of the island of Vis.  Even though Komiza is located just 10 kilometers from the town of Vis, it is separated by the rest of the island by Hum, a 587 meters high hill that rises over the bay of Komiza, and it can be said that Hum threw the town of Komiza to the embrace of the sea, and oriented it’s population towards the sea as the main transport route and source of livelihood.  When sailing in the waters of the island of Vis, it is easier to find the bay of Komiza than to miss it – this grandiose bay invites you to it’s protection and the waves carry you to it’s arms.

The waters of Komiza boast with one of the most beautiful archipelago on the Adriatic, with many islands, islets and rocks, most famous of them being Palagruza, a mythical group of 10 islets located approximately 42 nautical miles from the shores of the island of Vis, which have for centuries been the most abundant fishing grounds on the Adriatic. The archipelago of Palagruza is located in the middle od the Adriatic sea, and closer to Italian mainland than to Croatian. If you think about the distance from Komiza to Palagruza and take into the account that both are located on the open sea, you should really be astounded by the skills and knowledge of medieval fishermen from Komiza that regularly fished in this area.

The volcanic islet of Jabuka, which is located around 36 nautical miles in the direction west-northwest from the town of Komiza is another gem in the crown of the Vis archipelago. It welcomes many scientists and sailors who come to explore this  strange steep and hardly accessible island and its endemic species, mainly black lizard of Jabuka. Not far away from Jabuka, the island of Svetac (St. Andreas) is located. It was an inhabited island until recently, but with the death of it’s last inhabitant. Mrs. Jurka Zanki, the island is today official registered as uninhabited, but this does not prevent many visitors of exploring it.  The island of Bisevo is a small island located just 5 nautical miles off the town of Komiza. It has around 20 permanent inhabitants, and it boasts with one of the most known natural phenomena on the Adriatic, the Blue Cave which impresses with eternal dance of the sun, blue sea and white stone.

Komiza Island Vis 4

Komiza Island Vis 4

Amazing Stiniva Bay

If you are still deciding where to jet off to this summer, you could do a lot worse than Stiniva in Croatia, because it has been voted the best beach in Europe.

And with its crystal clear waters, white sands and a stunning clifftop backdrop it is clear to see why the seaside paradise topped the chart.

Much of its charm stems from just how secluded and peaceful it is. It’s accessible only by hiking along a steep and narrow path, or by taking a taxi boat from the nearby Rukavac cove. Those who make the effort will be rewarded with an exquisite patch of coastline with a sea entrance of less than 16 feet.

How Do I Get from Vis Ferry to Komiža?

Navigating from the Vis Ferry to Komiza is a breeze. After arriving at Vis Town via ferry, you can reach Komiza by bus or taxi. The scenic drive along the island’s coast offers glimpses of the Adriatic’s turquoise waters, preparing you for the beauty that awaits in Komiza.

Komiza Island Vis 3

Komiza Island Vis 3

Should I Visit Vis or Korcula?

Both Vis and Korcula are captivating destinations, each with its unique charm. Vis is renowned for its unspoiled beauty, while Korcula boasts a rich history and medieval ambiance. The choice depends on your preferences: tranquility and natural beauty (Vis) or history and culture (Korcula).

Is Vis Island Worth It?

Absolutely, Vis Island is worth every moment of your visit. Its unspoiled landscapes, hidden coves, and authentic atmosphere set it apart as a destination for those seeking genuine Adriatic experiences. The island’s pristine beaches, historic sites, and friendly locals make it an unforgettable escape.

Komiza Island Vis 2

Komiza Island Vis 2

Where on Vis Was Mamma Mia Filmed?

Vis Island served as a filming location for scenes in the movie “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” The picturesque Stiniva Beach on Vis was featured prominently in the film. Its dramatic cliffs and turquoise waters offer a cinematic backdrop that’s a real-life paradise for travelers.

Komiza and Vis Island – Your Adriatic Dream Awaits

Komiza, nestled on Vis Island, Croatia, offers a world of coastal enchantment, natural beauty, and cultural treasures. Whether you’re making your way from the Vis Ferry to Komiza, deciding between Vis and Korcula, exploring the wonders of Vis Island, or reliving Mamma Mia moments on Stiniva Beach, you’re in for a journey filled with unforgettable moments. So, pack your bags and prepare to be captivated by the Adriatic’s hidden gem, where history and beauty merge seamlessly along the Croatian coast.

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