Review: Bavaria C50 Yacht Charter in Croatia and Greece

Review: Bavaria C50 Yacht Charter in Croatia and Greece

Mediterranean’s breathtaking coastal allure, ranging from Croatia’s picturesque islands to Greece’s iconic beaches, beckons many sailors every year. Amidst the numerous luxury sailboats that one might choose, the Bavaria C50 stands out as a paragon of nautical excellence.

A Glimpse into Bavaria Yachts:

Founded in 1978 in Germany, Bavaria Yachts is renowned for its commitment to innovative engineering and unmatched craftsmanship. Every yacht crafted is a testament to its commitment to quality, and the Bavaria C50 is no exception.

Bavaria C50 Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia 4

Bavaria C50 Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia 4

Architectural Elegance:

The Bavaria C50 flaunts a sleek design, with clean lines that slice through the water with ease. Its majestic profile is not just an aesthetic statement but also serves to enhance its sailing capabilities.

Its spacious deck is perfect for sunbathing in the Mediterranean sun, while the cockpit is designed keeping both luxury and functionality in mind, offering an ideal place for gatherings and dinners under the stars.

Interiors – Where Comfort Meets Style:

The inside of the Bavaria C50 is nothing short of a luxury suite. Crafted with high-quality materials, its interiors exude sophistication. Panoramic windows allow sailors to be in constant visual touch with the seas while ensuring the spaces are bathed in natural light.

The yacht boasts multiple cabins, ensuring privacy and serenity. Each cabin embodies a blend of cozy aesthetics and modern amenities, promising an unparalleled stay experience.

Bavaria C50 Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia 10

Bavaria C50 Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia 10

Performance and Navigation:

When it comes to sailing, the Bavaria C50 does not compromise. Its design ensures stability, and its sails catch the wind efficiently, offering an exhilarating sailing experience. Whether you’re navigating the intricate islands of Croatia or exploring the diverse coast of Greece, the Bavaria C50 ensures a smooth sail.

Techincal Specifications:

Type : Sailing boat
Builder : Bavaria
Length : 15.99 m / 52.46 ft
Beam : 5.05 m / 16.57 ft
Displacement : 15490 kg
Air Condition : Yes
Generator : Yes
Draft : 2.30 m / 7.55 ft
Sail area : 131.73m2 / 1,418sq ft
Fuel Capacity std : 250 litres / 55 gal
Water Capacity std : 650 litres / 143 gal
Engine Power : 80 Hp

The Experience in Croatia and Greece:

The Bavaria C50 offers an unrivaled sailing experience in the Adriatic and Aegean waters. Imagine anchoring amidst Croatia’s famed archipelagos or near the white-washed buildings of Santorini. Each day is a new adventure, and the Bavaria C50 is your luxury abode on the sea.


The Bavaria C50 isn’t just about reaching a destination; it’s about the voyage, the experiences, and the memories you’ll create along the way. With this yacht, every journey through Croatia and Greece becomes a tale worth telling.

Bavaria C50 Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia Layout

Bavaria C50 Sailing Yacht Charter Croatia Layout


  • How does Bavaria C50 handle the varying waters of Croatia and Greece?

Its superior design and technology ensure adaptability to different sea conditions, promising a stable and comfortable voyage.

  • Is the yacht suitable for extended trips?

Yes, with its range and amenities, the Bavaria C50 is ideal for long voyages.

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