Review Sunreef 70 performance and pedigree

Review Sunreef 70 performance and pedigree

Once again, Sunreef Yachts impresses with their knowledge and originality by releasing a catamaran called the Sunreef 70 for charter in Greece. This boat has two hulls that each have room and comfort that can be customized to a great extent.

New boat owners as well as those upgrading from a vessel of 50 or 60 feet will discover that the new Sunreef 70 fulfills every expectation they have for their new vessel. More room and more opportunities for personalization — these might very well be the two distinguishing features of luxury builds, and Sunreef 70 possesses all of these qualities in spades.

Although many other businesses provide customisation in terms of the materials, textiles, and equipment they use, Sunreef Yachts goes one step further with their most recent model, the Sunreef 70 Eco, which has solar panels and electric motors.

Sunreef 70 Catamaran Charter Greece 7

Sunreef 70 Catamaran Charter Greece 7

70 foot catamaran

The most recent Sunreef catamaran is every bit as alluring and spectacular as her forerunners, such as the Sunreef 80, and she even has the same DNK. This luxury boat is athletic in every aspect, and it has already been sold in thirteen pieces. It also won the award for the Best Sailing Yacht of 2021 from The International Yacht & Aviation Award.

A cut out in the railing connects her to her larger sister Sunreef 100, while the dark gray hull and tinted glass surfaces give the new model a mean look that will attract attention in every port and marina. Vertical portholes fit beautifully into her dark hull, and the cut out in the railing connects her to her larger sister Sunreef 100.

Sunreef 70

The salon, which is the area of any yacht that gets the most usage, is particularly spacious on the 70, at 287 square meters. The main deck salon is connected to the cockpit to create one enormous semi-open environment that is equally delightful for entertaining guests, unwinding, sunbathing, and engaging in water sports. The main deck salon is spacious, airy, and bright. The extremely comfortable skipper seat has been moved forward, toward the glass wall, directly close to the exit onto the bow, in order to increase flow. This has been done in order to improve the safety of the vessel.

The unit that we tried, the Sunreef 70, included a huge coffee table, many little cupboards, two large sofas, and lots of free space on both sides of the table. Because the kitchen is located below deck, the plan permits the building of a master cabin that is larger than any other cabin in this category. Additionally, the arrangement permits the creation of three guest rooms and a huge crew cabin.

Sunreef 70 Catamaran Charter Greece 4

Sunreef 70 Catamaran Charter Greece 4

The luxurious Sunreef 70 charter yacht

One of the guest rooms had been converted into a kids’ cabin on the model that we saw, and it was furnished with Pullman beds. This arrangement is ideal for luxury charter since it provides sleeping space for eight people. The alternative arrangement features four guest rooms, each of which is equipped with an en suite bathroom and direct access to the aft deck.

Sunreef 70 layout

The constructor went with high-end materials and textiles for each cabin, but he went all out for the master bedroom by installing a pop-up television, a walk-in closet, and an en suite bathroom finished in gray and black marble. Every evening can be transformed into a relaxing movie night with the help of the salon’s additional huge TV, which is concealed when it is not in use and supplied by an electric lowering system. This is especially true when the salon’s discrete LED lights are turned on.

A large and secure stairway that can be found just behind the salon, leading in the direction of the bow and sandwiched in between the al fresco galley and the lower deck passageway, provides access to the fly deck. This deck is particularly comfortable because to the presence of a command post (which is serviced by a bench) on the right, a small galley behind it, and a sectional that is wide enough to accommodate all of the guests at the same time. Hidden behind the sofa is a spacious storage area that is large enough to accommodate a bicycle, as well as a number of sunbeds.

Sailing catamaran

In addition to the two winches that are located at the mast heel, the mainsail is controlled by hydraulic winches that are positioned laterally, directly above the gennaker/genoa commands. All of this, in conjunction with digital systems and the Dockmate, which enables wireless control of the engine and thrusters while docking, makes piloting the vessel simple and risk-free even with a limited number of crew members.

This new model is already popular with former Sunreef owners who are equally experienced in sailing the seas of Greece because of its dynamic design and nearly unlimited choices for modification. Sailing the waters of Greece requires a high level of sailing expertise.

This luxury boat is equipped with solar panels and electric propulsion systems, making it one of the most environmentally friendly travel companions one could want for when exploring the sea.

Sunreef 70 Catamaran Charter Greece 13

Sunreef 70 Catamaran Charter Greece 13

Sunreef Eco 70

The outside of the Eco 70 differs very little from the conventional Sunreef 70, which means that the inside is still packed with of cutting-edge solutions despite the fact that the Eco 70 has a more conservative appearance. Sunreef solar panels, which have a peak regeneration capacity of up to 30 kW and are flexible enough to cling perfectly to the rounded surfaces of the hull, fly bridge, and roof (a total of 143 square meters), cover every square inch of the hull.

The fact that they weigh so little allows them to operate at an extremely high efficiency (less than 5.2 kg per kWh). The interior design also took ecological considerations into mind, but this was not done at the price of luxury; thus, all of the materials are natural and come from sources that are environmentally responsible.

The presence of a 285 kW to 475 kW 622V battery and two generators (2 x 75 kW) that service the two 90 kW electric engines impacted the size of the gasoline and water tanks, which are slightly smaller than typical. However, this does not have any impact on the vehicle’s range in any manner. The appearance and general sporting vibe of the Eco 70 have not been compromised despite the presence of all of this ingenious tech; it has been deftly concealed.


Length 21.4 m / 70 ft
Draft 1.83 m / 6.00 ft
Displacement 32.700 kg
Build /
Beam 11.5 m / 35.4 ft
Engine 2 × 225 HP
Fuel capacity 2,000.00 l
Water capacity 1,600.00 l


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