Review: The Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 – A Sailing Marvel in Greek Waters

Review: The Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 – A Sailing Marvel in Greek Waters

Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 is not just a vessel; it’s a world unto itself. As the sun sets over the majestic Aegean Sea, there’s perhaps no better place to be than on the deck of this luxury catamaran. Known for its balance between performance and comfort, the Samana 59 is the epitome of nautical craftsmanship and luxury. As you consider your next maritime adventure in Greece, let’s dive deep into the allure of this remarkable yacht.

Architectural Elegance and Spatial Excellence

One of the standout features of the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 is its architectural design. With an emphasis on spacious living and modern aesthetics, this catamaran seamlessly combines functionality with elegance. The open-plan saloon and the wide, panoramic windows offer an unobstructed view of the Grecian seascape, ensuring you’re always in touch with the breathtaking beauty surrounding you.

Samana 59 Catamaran Charter Greece 9

Samana 59 Catamaran Charter Greece 9

Performance and Navigation

On the waters, especially when meandering through the intricate Greek isles, performance is paramount. The Samana 59 boasts twin engines and a streamlined hull design, ensuring optimal speed and stability. Whether you’re sailing through calm waters or navigating the occasional Aegean gust, the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 handles with unmatched grace.

Luxury Interiors and Amenities

Inside, the Samana 59 speaks a language of luxury. Each cabin is a testament to Fountaine Pajot’s commitment to luxury and comfort. Plush bedding, ambient lighting, and ensuite facilities ensure that every moment aboard is as comfortable as it is memorable.

For the culinary aficionados, the galley is a dream come true. Modern appliances and a comprehensive setup ensure that every meal is an event, whether you’re enjoying traditional Greek delicacies or international cuisine.

Technical Specifications

Length 18.21 m / 59.74 ft
Draft 4.59 m / 15.06 ft
Displacement 25500 kg
Build /
Beam 9.46 m / 31.04 ft
Engine 2 x 110 HP
Fuel capacity 1,200.00 l / 317.0 gal
Water capacity 1,150.00 l / 303.8 gal

An Entertainer’s Delight

Beyond its sailing prowess and luxurious interiors, the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 shines as an entertainment hub. The spacious deck, complemented by sun loungers and a dining area, makes for an ideal setting for evening get-togethers, sunbathing sessions, or simply stargazing into the clear Greek skies.

Samana 59 Catamaran Charter Greece 18

Samana 59 Catamaran Charter Greece 18

Sustainability and Eco-consciousness

In today’s world, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a responsibility. The Samana 59, living up to Fountaine Pajot’s reputation, incorporates several eco-friendly features. Solar panels, energy-efficient systems, and a waste management system ensure that your maritime adventure leaves minimal impact on the pristine Greek waters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does a Fountaine Pajot 59 cost?

    The price of the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 can vary based on customizations and region, but typically, you’d be looking at figures north of 1.5 million Euros for this luxury vessel.

  2. What is the range of the Fountaine Pajot?

    The Samana 59, with its robust fuel and water capacities, can cover several hundred nautical miles, perfect for extended trips across the Mediterranean.

  3. Where is Fountaine Pajot located?

    Founded in 1976, Fountaine Pajot is headquartered in Aigrefeuille, France, and has since become a hallmark of luxury sailing catamarans.

  4. What is the most expensive catamaran?

    While the Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 holds a premium spot, the title of the most expensive catamaran can vary based on brand, size, and bespoke features. Custom-built luxury catamarans can easily venture into tens of millions of Euros.

  5. Are catamarans cheaper than yachts?

    Base models of catamarans might have a lower starting price than luxury monohull yachts. However, factors like size, brand, and customization can tilt the scales. It’s worth noting that catamarans often provide more space and stability than yachts of comparable lengths.

Samana 59 Catamaran Charter Greece 28

Samana 59 Catamaran Charter Greece 28


The Fountaine Pajot Samana 59 redefines luxury sailing. With every detail meticulously crafted and every amenity designed for optimal comfort, it stands as one of the best charter options for those wishing to explore the charm of Greece. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or someone looking for a luxurious maritime retreat, the Samana 59 promises an unforgettable journey across the azure waters of the Aegean Sea.

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