Sunreef 80 Yacht Charter: The Epitome of Luxurious Sailing in Croatia and Greece

Sunreef 80 Yacht Charter: The Epitome of Luxurious Sailing in Croatia and Greece

In the echelons of luxurious sailing, a few names stand tall, and Sunreef Yachts is undeniably one of them. Their Sunreef 80 is a testament to their dedication to combining high-sea performance with lavish opulence. Offering a charter experience like no other, this yacht promises a voyage you won’t soon forget, especially amidst the azure waters of Croatia and Greece. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the allure of the Sunreef 80 Yacht Charter.

1. Sunreef Yachts: A Legacy of Excellence

Sunreef Yachts has, over the years, solidified its reputation as an industry titan, offering vessels that marry craftsmanship, design, and marine engineering. With the introduction of the Sunreef 80, they have further accentuated their dominance in the world of luxury sailing.

Sunreef 80 Genny Catamaran Charter Greece 12

Sunreef 80 Genny Catamaran Charter Greece 12

2. Sunreef 80: A Masterclass in Nautical Affluence

Crafted meticulously, the Sunreef 80 stands out as a yacht that does not compromise. With expanses of luxurious spaces, both inside and out, guests aboard this vessel will find themselves immersed in an environment that radiates elegance and comfort.

3. Key Questions Unveiled

To help navigate the intrigue surrounding the Sunreef 80, let’s delve into some pertinent questions:

How much is a Sunreef 80?

While prices can vary based on customizations, additional amenities, and market fluctuations, the Sunreef 80’s base price as of 2021 started at around €5 million. The final price can escalate considerably depending on the client’s specific demands and additional luxe features.

How much does it cost to charter an 80 ft yacht?

Charter prices for an 80-foot yacht, particularly of the Sunreef brand, can vary widely based on the season, duration, location, and services included. Typically, a week-long charter of the Sunreef 80 in high season around Croatia or Greece can range between €50,000 to €100,000 or more. Always consult with charter companies for the most up-to-date pricing.

Can Sunreef 80 cross the ocean?

Absolutely. The Sunreef 80 is a blue-water catamaran designed for extended ocean voyages. Its robust construction, impressive fuel capacity, and advanced navigation and safety features make transoceanic adventures not only possible but also immensely enjoyable.

Who owns the 80 Sunreef?

The Sunreef 80 has been the choice of various high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and marine enthusiasts. While specific ownership details are private, it’s no secret that those who choose the Sunreef 80 are looking for the pinnacle of luxury sailing.

Sunreef 80 Genny Catamaran Charter Greece 11

Sunreef 80 Genny Catamaran Charter Greece 11

4. Technical Specifications :

Year : 2019
Builder : Sunreef
Length : 24.40 m / 80.05 ft
Beam : 11.50 m / 37.73 ft
Draft : 1.8 m / 5.9 ft
Crew : 4
Cabins : 4
Berths: 8
Guests sleeping : 8
Displacement : 40000 kg
Engine : 2 x 280 HP
Fuel tank : 6,000.00 l / 1585 gal
Water tank : 1,600.00 l / 422.6 gal

5. Embarking on a Sunreef 80 Yacht Charter in Croatia and Greece

The Mediterranean is an enchanting sailing destination, and when explored aboard the Sunreef 80, it becomes truly magical:

  • Croatia: The Dalmatian coast, with its pristine beaches, ancient towns, and serene islands, is a paradise for sailors. Onboard the Sunreef 80, one can explore locales like Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar in unparalleled luxury.
  • Greece: From the Cyclades to the Ionian islands, Greece promises a myriad of experiences. Whether it’s the nightlife of Mykonos, the history of Rhodes, or the sunsets of Santorini, the Sunreef 80 ensures every moment is steeped in grandeur.
Sunreef 80 Genny Catamaran Charter Greece 9

Sunreef 80 Genny Catamaran Charter Greece 9

6. Conclusion

Choosing the Sunreef 80 Yacht Charter is a pledge to luxury, performance, and unforgettable memories. As you traverse Croatia and Greece, every cove, harbor, and horizon you encounter becomes a part of a grand Mediterranean tapestry. And as the sails of the Sunreef 80 catch the wind, they not only propel the yacht forward but also weave tales of adventure, luxury, and sheer nautical brilliance. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a luxury enthusiast, the Sunreef 80 is a charter experience that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your soul.

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