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We’ve all dreamed of renting own private yacht. From classic and mega-yachts, to luxury sailing yachts that are perfect for the kind of travel you’ve been dreaming of. Book a Sailing holiday anywhere in Greece today.

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Sailing vacations in the Greek islands with a bareboat, crewed yachts, catamarans, sailing boats, motor yachts or sailing boats is a perfect getaway from the hurdles of life. There is never a perfect time to escape the crowds and plan your own itineraries. Whatever your needs, we can cater the sailing vacation of your dreams through self-discovery and adventure.

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Our Catamaran Greece Fleet

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Elba 45

Built: 2019 / 2021
Cabins: 4+2
Berths: 8+2+2
Length: 12.80 m / 41.99 ft
From: € 4,700 / week


All catamarans for charter in Greece
Luxury Catamarans Greece
Luxury Catamarans Greece

Catamaran Charter Greece

We are proud to own of the most amazing and luxurious inventory of catamarans in Greece. They are carefully selected and verified by our local teams to ensure the best experience in the Aegean Sea. If you are planning your next sailing holiday on the Greek islands, choose one of our luxurious catamarans available for charter. Enjoy up to 15% Last Minute Discount & Early Booking Deals.

Let us help you select the Catamaran suited to your needs

We offer a lot of options for our luxury Catamaran charter. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in an array of equally important choices. To avoid this, let’s help you decide which one is best suited for your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to find out more about our Greek islands cruises.

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Our Approach

We treat each customer the same regardless of the budget. Whether you are chartering a catamaran with or without crew, we ensure to take all your requests into account. Our ultimate aim is to give you the best vacation experience without compromising safety. We only offer new vessels. All equipped with the highest spec, amazing designs, modern interiors and simplicity. A memorable sailing week awaits you on our skippered yacht charter Greece.

Charter areas in Greece for charter a Catamaran

Check our selected charter locations in Greece

Catamaran Charter Cyclades
Catamaran Charter Ionian
Catamaran Charter Saronic

Charter areas in Greece

Check our selected charter locations in Greece

Catamaran Charter Cyclades
Catamaran Charter Ionian
catamaran Charter Saronic

About Us

We are one of the best destination companies in the world with a reputation for providing the best in class luxury catamarans and yachts charter Greece. We offer the ultimate sailing destinations in Greece and the Greek islands with over 700 yachts in 50 locations. With years of experience sailing around the Greek islands, we pride ourselves on the adventure we’ve crafted that are proven to give you an unmatched experience. All our charters are complete bookings and are customized to your destinations and routes. Go ahead, enjoy a luxurious holiday in our beautiful catamarans set to birth the holiday experience you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are also keen to learn the basics of sailing, we always advise guests to get involved as we sail along. Dive into a world of history as our knowledgeable crew take you through discovery of the many historic sites in the Greek islands and streets.

Our experienced crew are more than ready to give you an unrivaled experience as you sail around one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.


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Our Catamarans

They come in various features to suit different guests such as couples, families or groups. If you prioritize space and comfort over everything else, our luxury bareboat yacht charter is way to go. Regardless of your budget, you’d be surprised how affordable a catamaran bareboat yacht charter can be.

Catamarans have good qualities like large foredeck area with net between the hulls for sunbathing, large cockpit for resting in the shade, and dual hull layout allows full privacy in every cabin. Sailing Catamarans are fast and provide maximum space and comfort.

The interior main deck area also combines a fully equipped gallery featuring a spacious saloon and seating area for 8 guests. The remarkable stability of the catamarans charter makes them children friendly and allows them to play on deck.

Moments spent out on the deck areas of a catamarans charter yacht are ones to be cherished. You can enjoy soaking up sun-kissed or relaxing in the shade while taking in spectacular views of the seas.

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Crewed Catamarans

It’s always ideal to savor special moments with family and friends while being catered for by a professional crew (captain, chef, steward and deckhand). They are available to prepare all your meals and handle the trip’s course. Our crewed catamarans are guaranteed to exceed your expectations from welcome aboard to Farewell.

Some benefits of catamarans over other types of boats include:

  • Size. They are not necessarily long but can accommodate as much as 10 people.
  • Stability – Catamarans have two hulls. Therefore, the likelihood of having an accident is pretty low
  • Space – Catamarans are extremely spacious, and offer more sleeping room then many other ships.
  • Minimal movements – Catamarans are easy to navigate in shallow waters and are also very stable.
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Why Us?

As an expert in the vacation industry, we pride ourselves on more than 500 yachts and over 20,000 satisfied guests. We are always looking for ways to improve catamaran charter in Greece.

Lowest fees: Catamaran charter Greece offer the lowest fees for yacht charter.

Quick reservations: Reservation through catamaran charter Greece comes with no cost to you, and without hidden charges.

Secure: Our booking platform is secure. You can rest assured that your information is safe and encrypted.

More destinations: We also offer charter services in other countries such as Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, British Virgin Islands, France, Germany, Montenegro, Netherlands, Thailand and more.

Go ahead, book the perfect catamaran for the perfect cruise in Greece. Enjoy the thrills and adventure of exploring the Greek islands. Or, leave everything to us and let our crew worry about the course of the trip.

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Charter Itinerary Greece

Having worked with numerous happy guests in the past, we are happy to duplicate the same experience for you too. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our experts and benefit from our personalized services. You’ll talk with one of our team members regarding any of our fleet without any obligation on your end.

We have walked the walk and talked the talk. We know the catamaran charter environment really well, and have access to all popular destinations in Greece

Call us today to book your perfect sailing holiday!


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